About these Docs


Round is a tool and protocol to grow and reward the contributors in any community. Rounds are onchain and great for community bounties, micro grants programs, hackathons and more.

We already know Rounds are an amazing tool for community engagement, but there are additional advantages to putting them onchain:

  • Rounds can be listed and completed through different marketplaces and tools
  • Rewards can be held in smart contracts that are released as soon as work is completed
  • We contribute towards more detailed and immutable records of participation and work on-chain beyond badging systems

In addition, onchain Rounds enable new use cases, like the ability for multiple parties to fund work towards a community good.

These docs will cover the following:

Please note these docs are a very active work in progress, and if you have any immediate questions, hop into the Discord or DM us on Twitter. FYI: Round was previous named Aikido - so you might see references to Aikido in these docs and in the product. Apologies while we clean up during our rebrand.

Last updated on April 3, 2023