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Discord Integration

Discord Integration

Note: This is an experimental feature.

Often, bounties require back and forth with your community. They have questions, require clarification, or just need some support. To enable this with Discord-native communities, we enable you to embed a Discord channel into your bounty.

It looks something like this:

Discord screenshot

Setup Instructions

Round uses the Widgetbot embed to make this work. To install:

  1. Go to and click "Invite Widgetbot" into your Server.
  2. Make sure Widgetbot is invited to the channel you want to embed, and that has permissions to send messages to the channel.
  3. Add a link to that channel when you create a new round (you can add it as one of the 3 links you are allowed to embed on a round). To test, save a Round as a Draft before issuing on chain.
  4. Contact us in our Discord Support channel if you have any issues with the connection.
Last updated on April 3, 2023