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Round Wizard

To make it really easy to create on-chain bounties, we've created a round creation wixard at

At any point during this wizard, you can save an (off-chain) DRAFT while you finalize details, and then Mint it on-chain once its ready.

Step 1: Describe your Round

Round Wizard

Step 2: Deadlines and Rewards

Set deadlines, reward amounts, and application details for your round. Here, you can also specify whether you want your round to accept additional funds.

Round Wizard

Step 3: Mint your Round onchain

Once you've specified round details, you can go ahead and press "Mint round" to create the round.

round Wizard

After this stage, you will be taken to the individual round page with URL[ROUND-ID]. You can share this page with your community to start accepting submissions.

Last updated on April 3, 2023